Main part of the daily works is related to the following companies (Airice being partial owner):

3D Wind Service Oy  is a specialist company for wind power. Works include inspections and supervision of windfarms, blade maintenance works, repairs and management. Airice is the Finnish part of the group and has several technicians and team leaders in field works.

Lampin Voima Oy  is a start-up company targeting to start biogas production in Toholampi (Mid-West Finland) using the resources of renewable energy production. Airice is managing the project and running technical calculations using the extensive knowledge accumulated since 2001.

Talvi Surf Oy is a hobby company, first of all successful racing team winning number of medal yeach year, but also bringing the joy of wonderful sport to many beginners and organising events mostly in Southern Finland. Composite expertise and understanding of aerodynamics are part of that!