Raceboard class has a long tradition of serious windsurfing competitions. Result of the race depends on both upwind and downwind performance. Most racers have several fins, but only few are concerned about daggerboards they use. However daggerboard is the one that makes the difference. Here’s how the cycle goes:

  • lower drag results in higher speed
  • higher speed gives better water lift
  • optimised profile contributes to both
  • with higher speed sail generates more air lift
  • better angle can be traded for speed and vice versa

After three years of testing we came up with Spitfire daggerboards. Made out of carbon with nomex core they are light, strong and shaped with precission of 0,2 – 0,3 mm. Profile is flow optimised for the complex loads produced by 9,5 sq. m. sail at 8 – 12 knts. Same daggerboard works well in low wind of 4 – 12 knts and even 30 knts storms. It fits directly to both older and newer Starboard Phantom boards.

Profile model has been developed by Arteform Ltd (www.arteform.fi) and manufacturing is done by Drag and Wave DRAW Oy in Juankoski, Finland.

Max Woijcik: “Spitfire daggerboard is an improvement to my upwind speed. It feels like flying and makes me go even faster without a single pump.”


There’s very little room for improvement of RB board – Spitfire is a daggeboard without compromise!

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